Friday, January 8, 2010



sold out

The quilt use in this room is more shabby chic than the others.
It is also double sided and pinky

Beside bedroom it can also be used at the entrance of your house.
QM 004 sold out
Size 90 X 150 cm

The mat above has country look. The floor look bare without the mat. You can choose any mat or rug u want to make the difference.
(QM001) sold out

The same mat has been used. It is double sided, and I like to call it Greenish Shabby Chic Mat
QM 001
Size 90cm x 150cm (SOLD OUT)

QM002 sold out
This is another quilted mat. It is double sided too, and the color combination is more towards turquoise. It is so sweet. It transforms the deco...looking warm and cozy.
QM002 sold out
size 90cm X 150cm

This is another quilted mat. The black-background flower pattern with "Victorian country"feel, has
Lavish Look!
90cm x 150cm
RP: RM 135

Each quilted mat now is RM 120/ usd 40

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